Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running Multiple Operating Systems(Windows and Ubuntu Linux) on the same machine

VMWare Player is a freely downloadable VMWare.
Download VMWare player software and install it on your windows OS
download an image of the Ubuntu Linux Desktop version called Ubuntu from
that in iso image format.
Then download VMWare configuration bundle that contains a list of files, extract those file to some folder like C:\OS\.
Then edit the file" os.vmx file and give the path of the .iso image in that file in the line like below.

ide1:0.fileName = C:\OS\ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso"

Now open the file os.vmx file using the vmware player, that will open the Ubuntu OS.

You will get a list of options in that select the option install Ubuntu without changing your current configuration of the system

Now that will start the Ubuntu OS in a window inside your windows OS.
Now you have a browser and all the applications inside the Ubuntu OS, you can start working on that.

Double click on this window/expand it to show in full screen.
To switch between the operating systems press alt+ctrl and you can work on both Windows as well as Ubuntu Linux on the same time. By default both the operating systems share half of your system RAM.

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